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A New Opportunity

Joining the Global Neuroanatomy Network (GNN) will provide an opportunity to network, exchange support, and share resources for your neuroanatomy teaching. In addition, it will offer collaborative tools and opportunities to improve the accessibility of resources for teaching and assessment. We hope to empower educators and positively impact students worldwide with the best available learning resources and teaching practices through our community of educators supporting each other. As this community grows, our long-term goal is to provide translations of our resources into multiple languages with the help of our members.

All educators from recognized educational institutions worldwide are welcome and encouraged to join the network – including graduate teaching assistants. There are no costs associated with joining or accessing the content.

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Imagine if you had access to a curated library of teaching resources…

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The goal of the GNN is to share access to peer-reviewed teaching activities, ideas, and assessment resources. These resources are not available to students or the public, providing educational materials curated by neuroanatomists for the benefit of everyone in our community of practice. Joining will enable you to search our resources by keyword, anatomical feature or system, or functional system. You can also filter by target audience and resource type so you can find the best fit for your students!

What resources are available?

Materials are unconstrained in form or nature, and all relate to teaching neuroanatomy. There are:

  • clinical cases
  • images (including photographic, schematic, and radiological)
  • ideas for classroom-based learning activities
  • videos
  • assessment materials
  • all developed and contributed by the neuroanatomists in our network

All materials are peer-reviewed by GNN members to ensure neuroanatomical accuracy.

Community, Shared Expertise, & Experience

We believe that this forum for sharing and supporting will benefit our entire community of neuroanatomy educators. Importantly, our students stand to benefit the most. Access to curated learning resources is a barrier to some neuroanatomy educators and student groups. And for educators beginning their professional journeys, identifying and selecting accurate and up-to-date resources can be challenging given the sheer volume of freely available content on the web. The GNN aims to bridge these gaps. The hope is that by growing and populating our content library, we will positively impact the teaching and learning of neuroanatomy worldwide.

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We welcome you to join our community of practice. We look forward to sharing our resources and welcome any submissions of materials that you may have developed. All contributions are credited and peer-reviewed.

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